Breathable car seat cover

Seat cover identification method

The so-called car leather is the original leather peeled from the animal, and then processed by the leather factory. Usually cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin are the main raw materials for making leather. The dermis is generally divided into two types: the first layer of leather and the second layer of leather, and the quality, price, and characteristics of the two are also different. Below, we will introduce the characteristics and differences of the two in detail for you:

1. The first layer of skin is grained cow, sheep, pig skin, etc. The skin has natural scars and blood tendons, and occasionally there are cuts during processing and the belly part with extremely low utilization rate, imported The first layer of leather also has the cow’s serial number imprint. Full-grain leather can distinguish animal leather from the thickness and density of pores. There are many types of cowhide, such as cowhide cowhide, beef cowhide, grazing cowhide, cowhide, bullhide, uncastrated bullhide and castrated bullhide. In our country, there are yellow cowhide, buffalo cowhide, yak cowhide and yak cowhide. Among them, the pores of buffalo leather are thicker and sparse; yellow leather is thinner and denser than that of buffalo leather

2. The two-layer skin is the two-layer part with relatively loose fiber structure, which is processed by spraying chemical materials or covering with PVC or PU film.

According to the different properties of the two, we can pull the dermis hard, the first layer of leather can see fine pores, and the surface of the leather will be deformed, while the second layer of leather has no pores and no obvious deformation; the second layer of leather is generally hard and feels very bad.

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