Breathable car seat cover

How to buy car seat covers


Whether the color of the seat cover matches the color of the car owner. For example, the color of the car interior is beige, it is best to choose gray or beige, etc., so as to better demonstrate the car’s nobleness and aesthetic consistency, and also fully demonstrate the owner’s personal taste.


The seat cover is consistent with the car seat. The car seat cover manufacturer molds and manufactures the seat cover according to the model and structure. It is dedicated to the car, so that the car seat cover will be comfortable and not loose, so the car seat cover Manufacturer selection is very important. For the purchase of seat covers, you should choose a manufacturer that has the strength, supports customization, and special vehicle models. Recommended brands: Zheng Baixiang seat covers, etc.


The seat cover fabric mainly includes suede, pure cotton, deerskin, ice silk, sandwich, gauze net, South Korean velvet, PU, etc. Choose the seat cover fabric suitable for your car according to your preferences.


Regardless of whether the seat cover fabric is high-end or low-end, the first thing is to make car owners like it, and choose fabrics of different prices according to the actual situation.

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